Water Damage Restoration

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28361818_xxlIf you are looking for a quality, affordable water damage restoration contractor in the Kansas City area, look no further than 1st Response Disaster Cleanup. We have been repairing Kansas City homes for many years now, so you know you can trust us to get the job done right, and right the first time. We can have a crew out to your Kansas City home in an hour or less in most cases, ready to start the water damage restoration process. We start by cleaning up all the water standing in your home (known as water extraction). After all the water is cleaned up, and is dry, we will start the restoration process.

Water can cause damage to your home form the foundation to the roof. Water damage is very serious, and can cause very stressful situation for you, and your family. 1st Response Disaster Cleanup knows that water damage is very difficult to deal with, that’s why our experienced team will be there to help you within an hour in the Kansas City Metro area. 1st Response Disaster Cleanup will be there to properly remove, and cleanup the damage caused form any water condition. Improper cleanup of water can cause mold, and many other problems. 1st Response Disaster Cleanup will remove the damage, and prevent mold growth.

Removing the water is only the first step in the water damage cleanup process. 1st Response Disaster Cleanup will also restore what the water has damaged by completely drying out the whole effected area to prevent mold, or any further structural problems. Our team at 1st Response Disaster Cleanup also specializes in water extraction.

For further information or questions, or if you are ready to have a team come to your home or office, call us at 816-479-2319.